We invite you to exceptional concerts of Chopin that are held by outstanding Polish pianists in the charming district of the Warsaw Old Town, the Royal Castle and the Krakowskie Przedmieście. Solo concerts take place daily in old gallery ZPAF (Association od Polish Art Photographers) accompanied by a photo exhibition of outstanding artists photographers from Poland and abroad. In a break we offer our guests a traditional Polish mead or a cold pressed juice of Polish apples.

Our concerts is an ideal addition to walks full of climate of the old town small streets, the unique atmosphere and the various repertoire of concerts so much impress our guests that they come back to us with friends and families to have a rest in this pleasant place.

In anniversary of important events from Frederic Chopin's life we will also organize special concerts. In addition there are speeches of actors who read the letters of the Composer or an exhibition of works connected to his creativity.

Concerts take place daily and always begin at 6 pm.

Ticket price: 60 PLN

For booking call +48 501 127 125 or contact biuro@timeforchopin.eu

Organized groups are asked for booking places in advance. We invite you to enjoy Frederic Chopin's music together with us.

We invite you to enjoy Frederic Chopin's music together with us.

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