COVID-19: How do we protect our visitors?

We take our guests very seriously against the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. We use safety measures that go beyond those required by sanitary authorities.

  1. The staff serving our guests is equipped with personal protective equipment and is regularly examined. Employees who do not feel well cannot take up their job duties, but retain the right to remuneration.
  2. We sell concert tickets up to half the capacity of the hall. This allows guests to seat at the prescribed distance in each direction. People who come together, e.g. families, can sit close together. The staff make sure that guests waiting in line for the ticket, as well as during the break, keep an adequate distance between themselves.
  3. The service of guests at the checkout does not require contact with the equipment or staff. We accept mobile vouchers and we provide a contactless terminal to persons paying with payment cards.
  4. All persons must wear protective masks. Guests are asked to bring their own masks, but those who don’t have them will be given disposable masks.
  5. Guests are asked to disinfect their hands using disinfectants available in the cashier’s hall.
  6. If any of the people coming to the concert shows symptoms of a cold, the staff will ask them to measure the temperature using a non-contact thermometer. Guests with elevated temperatures will not be able to attend the concert.
  7. Every day floors, door handles and other surfaces of rooms available to guests are cleaned with bactericidal agents. This is especially true for bathrooms and toilets.
  8. Refreshments are served in disposable dishes.